Try These 3 Art Projects to Give You a New Perspective on Recovery

That means that when I set down to create each piece, I reflected on my work with a specific client, and then created the artwork with that experience in mind. All efforts were made to comply with HIPAA law and confidentiality and privacy of all clients. When they are finished, ask them to explain how their bridge art therapy for addiction ideas drawing represents the difficult life transition portrayed in the art. Ask processing questions to further explore their drawing. For example, you could ask about what the body of water might represent for them, or how sturdy and reliable their bridge is, and what it’s like to be where they are in the drawing.

  • Use a straw to blow out your pain.
  • Invisible or Candle art therapy ideas.
  • You can find an art therapist through the American Art Therapy Association’s Art Therapist Locator.

On the contrary, art therapy allows for more abstract forms of communication. This tactic involves the manifestation of elements of the subconscious, for which there is no willingness or ability to be voiced. Communicating through art has several benefits for individuals in recovery. When you take part in art therapy, you can reduce stress and express your emotions positively and safely. If you have a hard time quieting your mind or thoughts of your substance abuse, art can help you slow down the world and make you feel present. That is where art therapy can really shine.


Using your favorite art supplies, draw a visual representation of your favorite childhood memory. Use a coloring book, or create your own drawings and outlines to color. You can turn a scribble into something beautiful with your creativity. Make lines, add color, and create a scribbled masterpiece. Create your own permission slip.

This activity allowed us to explore the parts of ourselves that we were holding onto, both positive and negative. Let me just say, when it came time to process as a group, things got emotional. Yes, art therapy can help treat addiction from substance abuse.

Addiction Recovery: Seven Great Art Project Ideas

All these factors can help people stay motivated and committed to their recovery goals. Substance abuse can be extremely time-consuming. Once sober, many people find it difficult to fill all the hours they used to spend seeking and using drugs or alcohol.

recovery painting ideas

Addiction is a deeply personal experience. During your recovery, you may find it difficult to communicate your story or verbalize how you feel. Unfortunately, many addiction programs focus on talking about what you’ve been through.

ART PROMPT: Kintsugi “Golden Repair”

While drawing on paper, simultaneously imagine what it might look like in real life. Five plus five art therapy ideas. Pick any noun and draw this object. Now come up with 5 adjectives that suit him and draw them. After that, come up with 5 more adjectives that do not fit, and draw them too.

  • It is especially well suited to clients who lack the ability to articulate their inner world with words alone.
  • Mostly, other forms of therapy use verbal language to express feelings and overcome personal obstacles.
  • Take a few moments and think back to your childhood, recalling especially pleasant times.
  • A big part of the 12 Steps is self-reflection which art therapy facilitates.

In my experience, it’s most helpful to leave some parts of the activity open-ended. In other words, don’t specify what kind of bridge or body of water they should depict. This version of the bridge drawing technique comes from the Handbook of Art Therapy, from the section on clinical application with adults. In the chapter on using art in counseling, Gladding and Newsome (2007) describe a solution-focused bridge drawing. Sometimes the clients we work with come to therapy because somewhere along the way, they got stuck in a life transition.

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